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Is Creativity An Active Or Passive Exercise?

If you are creating from your mind it is most definitely an active, exhausting exercise. It requires a lot of work, and focus, and self criticism of the product as it is developing. Satisfaction comes from the final product but the process is not enjoyable.

If you are creating from your heart it is a passive, observational exercise. It requires a letting go of any preconceptions of what it should look like. It is inward activity. The deeper your connection with your inner self the more easily the creation flows through you. It is a very enjoyable exercise and requires little effort.

Unfortunately most of my creative efforts are active exercises. Perhaps a line or two comes to me naturally, but then my mind takes over as I build around it.

Occasionally, my writing is just a brain dump. If I am angry or frustrated and just need to get it out of me I will just sit down at a keyboard and start writing. I edit nothing and just let the anger flow. It is a cathartic exercise but does not contain much beauty.

Last week was somewhat of a bad week for me. A couple of things happened to me that left my feeling quite stressed and very isolated. With nowhere to turn outwardly I almost automatically turned inward and found momentary peace. It was while I was in this state that I decided to pick up my guitar. As I started to play Brown Eyed Girl for my daughter I could feel that my creative side was active. I was pretty much putting no thought or effort into the song but the words were coming out flawlessly and I was more on key than was normal. It felt strange. There was a connection there. I felt for the first time that I had tapped into the true source of creativity. It didn’t last but it’s like new world has opened. I can’t wait for the next time!