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We Need to Be Lost to Be Found – Jason Silva

It seems that everyone is trying to help me out these days. It’s odd that the internet content I am coming across is seemingly specifically catered to me…

Mooji somehow knows exactly how I am feeling right now…

This is a post made this morning on Mooji’s Facebook page. It is quite remarkable how relevant it is for me right now.

“As soon as you come to the beautiful space of serenity and emptiness, simply keep quiet inside your being. Now it is easy to recognise who the first visitor will be. Mind will come and ask: ‘Now what?’
This usually gets the ‘person’ and its sense of insecurity going again and many get distracted by the ‘fear of the unknown’ and hesitate to go further in.
But to whom is the mind asking such a question?
Mind is outside the door now but he is not yet gone.
He is trying to re-enter to regain control by connecting to your ‘person’.
‘So, what are you going to do with all this emptiness?
How are things going to get done?’ he asks. But this is not your concern now.
You have moved from person to presence–a higher state of consciousness.
It is a crucial moment in the awakening. Mind is not going to give up this easy.
Any chance to push you back into the previous state he will take. Do not fall for this. Trust the Self. Be one with your inner being.
There is nothing to do but to keep quietly acknowledging the state and presence of grace.
Just keep quiet.
Let go of command.
Let go of the ‘wheel of life’.
If you, as a person, try to direct life, you only make strive.
When you give up the need to control, you find you are caressed by a deeper power. Appreciate the silence, the stillness, the intuitiveness and wisdom that is arising naturally inside, which your mind is trying to distract you from recognising.
Be empty, quiet and trusting.
It is like a hole is being made in the mind’s universe and the hand of God is pulling you through into your divine existence.”

~ Mooji, India 2015

The primary purpose of perception

The primary purpose of perception is not to show us all of the different flavors of content, but rather to make us aware of all of the different flavors of spaciousness.

The physical space between me and that cloud.

The silence between musical notes.

The space between this thought and the next one.

Sit back, take notice, and realize that more than anything else our lives consist of vast amounts of space.

However, the problem is we do not honor that space. Everything that we do seems to be motivated by an attempt to fill that space. People listen to music all day long, watch hours of TV, eat continuously, and of course we almost all think endlessly.

The reason we need to honor perceived space is because it reflects an inner space. More than anything it is who we are. Honor space and honor your self.