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Enlightened Giggles

Wow! I had never felt that peaceful before.

For several hours yesterday afternoon I held with the utmost certainty the belief that the “I” could not possibly be in my body. But yet I was.

Despite all efforts I could not pinpoint a location within my perception that I could call home. There was no tangible ground zero from which all things were originating.

Things continued to happen. And I continued to notice them. But I did not know where I was, I just knew where I was not.

There were waves in which the degree of this certainty varied in intensity. During the times when it was most obvious a strange thing began to happen.

I began to quietly giggle.

We’ve all heard of the laughing Buddha, being drunk in the spirit, or sudden satori’s that leave people roaring in laughter. Even when Eckhart Tolle is answering the questions of those people suffering significantly he occasionally subtly laughs as he talks about the madness of the ego. But this was my first experience.

It was wonderfully odd.

More notably, between the laughter there arose this gentle clarity. I was slowly strolling along the canal and I noticed it was looking quite dingy. I was thinking of how dreadful it would be to fall in among all of the slime when I noticed the plant life that was absolutely thriving along the bottom. Perhaps the canal could use a scrubbing, or maybe the right perspective is that it was just fine as it was and that another expression of life had the opportunity to be.

It is the same with suffering. Even though it looks dreadful on the surface, it is serving the divine purpose of letting another form of consciousness emerge. Instead of resisting it and pushing it away, I should have faith in it. Let myself go with the flow of life. Let consciousness take shape instead of trying to shape it.