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Oh Crap! I Just Proved The Universe Doesn’t Exist.

Several weeks ago I was searching through all of the video’s regarding paradoxes on YouTube. One of the first one’s I came across was called Zeno’s Dichotomy.

Simply put, Zeno pondered that when he is travelling a certain distance from point A to point B he first has to make it to the halfway point. And before he makes it to there he has to cover half of the distance to the halfway point. So on and so on into infinity. Because there are infinite halfway points to cover, travel becomes impossible. If you are still confused please check out the video below for an explanation, and resolution (at least from a mathematics perspective)

Leaving that as it is for the moment, some time after that I was watching a documentary on quantum physics, and string theory in particular. At the point in the documentary where I have started the video below the scientist is talking about exactly how small these strings actually are. I’ll let you watch the video to experience the same sense of awe that I did.

Incredible! My problems started when I put these two video’s together.

From Zeno’s perspective travel had become impossible because he could infinitely divide distances in half. But in the same approach I can say that mass is impossible because you can never isolate the smallest building block in nature.

You may say “It’s those strings, didn’t you watch the video you posted?”. My issue here is that if I can see the string, even at that enormously enlarged scale, then I can see half of the string. Then it must have building blocks as well!

So if both mass and distance can not exist how do you explain how I got my 180 lb body into my 2500 lb car and drove it 15 km to work??

If you really think about it, have you ever really traveled anywhere? Everything that we know and have experienced in this life has occurred entirely in our mind.

Whether we were flying to Europe and backpacking all summer, watching our first child being born, or moving into your first home, it all happened in our heads. If it didn’t happen in our heads then we wouldn’t know about it. The whole universe as we know it, is inside us.

Our entire life is experiential. We experience a flight as if we are moving through the sky, but every aspect of the entire journey occurs only in our mind. Our stationary mind. Maybe that is the beauty of such paradoxes. We are quick to dismiss them because they “obviously can’t be true.” But maybe we should pause for each one and allow ourselves to question all of our most basic assumptions about life.

The crazy part that I will leave you with is the next question. “Where in your mind does this occur?” Yes, we know the parts of the brain that become active during different tasks and events. These are like the movie projector.

But, where is the movie screen?

The Paradox of Spirituality

I am always doing, when nothing need be done.

I search for answers, when there is nothing to find.

I strive to learn, but I must unlearn.

I wake from sleep, into another dream

I search for God, it is God that seeks.

I ask for forgiveness, but there’s nothing to forgive.

I run away, but never move an inch.

I beg for knowledge, of what I already know.

I fear my death, but have presumed my birth.

I am nothing, but I am everything.