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Travelling At The Speed Of Truth

My mind was blown this morning when I found this article after googling “Why does time slow down at the speed of light?”

But it turns out that time doesn’t slow down at the speed of light, it doesn’t exist at all! The article goes on to say that “Everything in the Universe travels at light speed. Always.” Only it is our combined speed through both space and time that is considered. The faster you travel through space, the slower you travel through time.

I found another article on the topic of light speed that really got my mind melting. It’s a blog post on the site ‘Ask A Mathematician‘ Speaking about relativity it states the following:

“Whenever there’s a “time effect” there’s a “distance effect” as well, and in this case we find that infinite time dilation (no time for photons) goes hand in hand with infinite length contraction (there’s no distance to the destination).”

Since time and distance go hand in hand not only does the photon not experience time, it does not experience distance either!

From the perspective of the photon it is everywhere in the universe at the same time!


Just wow.

If a photon does not experience time nor distance then they also could not have had a beginning. Photon’s must have always existed. And without a beginning, there will be no end. At least from the photon’s point of view. We may well see a big crunch (not literally of course), and then a subsequent big bang. But this can mean nothing to the eternal photon.

What exactly does it mean to not experience time? Does it mean to be frozen at a particular point in time? We have all heard the story of the man who left earth travelling near the speed of light for 3 months only to return and everyone is 50 years older. This seems to hint that time is getting compressed.

However, in the distance analogy above I inferred that to not experience distance means that the photon is everywhere. So if the photon does not experience time, is it not in every time rather than a single, infinitely compressed point?

In spirituality we often speak of the light of consciousness. It is that part of your true self that doesn’t experience time, and doesn’t experience distance, but it is the pure witness to both.

Is there a link between this light of consciousness and this eternal photon light described above or is this analogy meant purely metaphorically?

Perhaps they are mirrors of each other. As photon light illuminates the universe it is reflected as a form through perception within my consciousness. But does it do more than that?

To perceive an object, or form, the light first enters our eyes, shapes our minds, and then creates an image.

Think about it for a moment. This series of eternal photons that exist everywhere, and at every time, has penetrated our bodies and shaped our perception of absolutely everything!!!

This certainly hints at much bigger things about light than just physical properties. When Eckhart Tolle underwent his transformation one of his first realizations was that there was much more to light than we could ever imagine.

I am drawn to think that light may be the ultimate source of our true selves, of infinite wisdom, and of peace and joy. Jesus said “I am the light of the world”. And if he was, then we all must be.

Riffing on Infinite Joy

Suppose you believe, like me, that consciousness is the force that created the universe. That all of the planets, stars, and galaxies came to be out of nothing by this inexplicable, unknowable power in an attempt to perceive itself. So for 14 billion years stars have been exploding, galaxies colliding, planets forming, all in an attempt to create life.

Now, lets take it a step further. We know that life on earth today looks as it does as a result of evolution. That the diversity of life created, combined with the ability to mutate, has enabled life to adapt to whatever environment comes it’s way. Not only to adapt, but to thrive. What if this also happens on the biggest scale of all.

What if our universe is the result of a mutation?

Hypothesize with me for a moment that there are other universes out there where gravity acts a little different, atoms are organized in a different fashion, or the fabric of space time is woven a little more loosely. How many universes could there be? Millions? BILLIONS?? What if our universe is the only one that managed to create intelligent life? What if our planet is the only planet in any universe with any life at all.

Now imagine that moment where the suffering person finally awakens and achieves enlightenment. In the realization of their true nature they turn away from all thoughts and forms and now exist purely in the silent stillness of the present moment. It is at this specific moment that space is created for consciousness to emerge. As this force behind all existence takes over perception and gazes upon itself for the first time it must be an overwhelming, limitless joy that is felt.


I’ve had enough
Called your bluff
Times were tough
Those thoughts were rough
My egos clothes
Shall decompose
Change overthrows
What’s predisposed
Smell a rose
Sand in toes
My spirit grows
Through written prose
Let things go
Tell and show
The now you know
Just make it so
Take these hands
Lose your demands
Don’t understand
See life expand
Space will bend
Wounds shall mend
No more pretend
No condescend
When I simplify
My tears are dry
I’m ultrahigh
And demystified
The next step awaits
Joy permeates
Pain evaporates
And love vindicates


I jingle the keys and unlock my front door
Molly comes sprinting nails scraping the floor
Unable to stop she slips down the front step
“Calm down Molly please! You’ll kill yourself yet!”

Crying with joy she circles my feet
Sniffing and panting and dying to greet
I give her a pet, at most two or three
“Ship it!” I say and “Now just let me be!”

I sit down to remove my grungy work clothes
But there’s wind in my ear and a soggy cold nose
With a duck and a shove I give myself space
She darts back again with a lick on the face

After a long day at work I am not in the mood
I just want a beer to drink with my food
I walk to the table and glance down at the floor
Dog hair in each corner, more than ever before!

It’s been just a day since we swept through each room
It can’t happen that fast, it must be the broom!
Cursing her name I collect it by hand
She knows that I’m mad but does not understand

The evenings she spends pacing all through our home
She stares at us blankly, won’t leave us alone
“Do you have any food? Do you need to go pee?”
“What in the world are you asking of me?”

Frustrated and tired we send her away
The foot of the stairs is where she will lay
Now we sit on our butts and stare at the tube
Maybe Big Bang will help lighten our mood

Soon we’re asleep and awake the next day
The routine will repeat in the same dreadful way
Who is this guy, the ungrateful twit?
Whose temper ignites at the flip of a switch

Molly brings me only affection and love
And I push it away with a cold mindless shove
This is not at all how I want it to be
Is this how enlightened people would see?

Another chance is mine, there if I choose
I know I can change, there’s nothing to lose
The world is my oyster, I can do what I please
I’ll start the next time I jingle my keys


I believe everybody wants to be happy
I believe every insane action is a misguided attempt to be happy
I believe everyone is frustrated that they can’t find happiness
I believe people think something external will make them happy
I believe the lure of false happiness is the bane of humanity
I believe you do not need to do anything to find happiness
I believe true happiness is unconditional
I believe unconditional happiness is to transcend happiness
I believe this happiness transforms into Peace, Joy, and Love
I believe Peace, Joy, and Love are born out of Spirituality
I believe Spirituality is not about what you believe