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The Curious Case of OSHO

I have never been drawn to OSHO as a spiritual teacher. From what little I had read he seemed to be embroiled in controversy. From organized violence at his ashrams, to a biological attack on US soil planned by his secretary, and tales of Rolls Royce’s purchased for his use (not to mention the nice watch he wears in the video below!).

It would be silly to judge a spiritual teacher for making money at their craft as it is the way of the world we live in. However when it gets to be extreme some responsibility falls to the seeker to determine if there is some deeper meaning that impacts the authenticity of their teachings.

The reason I am even talking about OSHO is that in a brief trip to Chapters yesterday to pick up ‘Elf on a Shelf’ for my youngest daughter I stopped in the spiritual section and for some reason immediately picked up his book ‘Emotional Wellness’. I would normally just glance over the spines of his paperbacks, but today was different.

I opened to a random page and started reading and immediately his words were resonating in a deep place within. I stood there for 15 minutes (something I never do) totally engaged in what I was reading. In this brief period I experienced a shift, a greater trusting in my own nature. There was a new freedom that enabled me to release my mind from the exhausting task of separating right from wrong.

I suppose it is a lesson in itself that words of wisdom and clarity can come from any source and that we shouldn’t turn them aside because of any preconceived judgement about the orator. I surely would have missed a great opportunity.

As a result I went to YouTube in search of an OSHO teaching to share on my blog and I came across this one in which he talks about authentic love, and authentic hate. Enjoy!