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Top 5 My Inner Medium Posts of All Time!

As I continue to develop the idea I call The Passionate Why the amount of time I am able to give to this blog is dwindling. So I thought I would do a quick list of the 5 most successful posts I have ever had (in terms of views) since I started this way back in 2013.

I have never been someone who got tons of views on my blog(with one exception just below) so this is hardly a way for me to boast. But it is fun to take a trip back in time and see which one’s were seen by the most readers.

Here we go!

1 – The 7 Best Online Resources for Spiritual Growth

With almost 6000 views to date this one really surprised me. It started out getting just a couple of views per day but all of a sudden it took off and I had no idea why. I was getting 10 views per day and it was still growing! Finally I checked out the search terms that people were using to find it and the top one was “Spiritual Videos”. So I plugged that into google and to my amazement I was a page 1 result on a pretty generic search term. I was excited and I have no idea how it happened. I have been as high as number 4 and if you do it right now I believe I will be 5th. It is simply a summary of all the places I visited online to learn more about spirituality and to help heal myself. I guess other people found them useful too.

2 – The Honest Guys – Guided Meditations

Number 2 is a distant second at 163 views 🙂 These two guys put together an amazing YouTube channel that I once visited much more than I do now. I guess that is a good sign. They are such a helpful duo and their channel never has any negativity in the comments. Very rare on YouTube!

3 – A Passionate 5 Minute Video on the Self by Eckhart Tolle

At 152 views this is probably my favourite video that I have ever posted. Eckhart covers so much ground in such a short period that it is awe inspiring. He covers Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and the Dalai Lama. There also seemed to be more energy behind his words here than is normal for Eckhart. If you haven’t already you should watch it, just wonderful!

4 – Simply This – A Must Read Transcript of a Satsang with Mooji

A somewhat surprising 113 views for a short post linking to another site. Mooji posts some of the transcripts of his Satsangs online but I rarely read through them. For some reason I gave this one a look and I found it very powerful so I shared it on my blog. Mooji has played such a huge role in my spiritual development I can’t even begin to describe. I even managed to get my wife to listen to him! His voice really helps her fall asleep 🙂

5 – When You Are Steadfast in Your Abstention of Thoughts of Harm

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I love quotes, posting my favourites of others and even making my own. At 99 views this is the only quote that cracked the top 5. It is a very nice quote by a spiritual teacher I don’t know very well named Patanjali. The idea that a simple quote has the power to convey centuries of spiritual teachings fascinates me. To me spirituality is not about content, or concepts, or knowledge. It is about what is the witness to all of those.

Well there you have it. I may still post on here occasionally but in the meantime I hope to see you over at my new home. Cheers and have a great weekend!

The Backwards Bicycle

I have been spending most of my time over at my new social media endeavor called The Passionate Why but when I came across this video on the YouTube channel Smarter Every Day I knew it would be perfect for My Inner Medium.

First things first, watch the video!

Pretty cool! I couldn’t believe how long, and how much practice it took him to figure out how to ride that bicycle. And I believe him when he says that no one in the world can ride this bike (without significant time to practice).

What was equally cool was that forgot how to ride a normal bicycle!? Isn’t the mind a wonderful thing 🙂

If I relate this to my spiritual practice this video has taught me self compassion. The mind does not change easily, especially for ideas that are deeply ingrained. When dealing with all of those recurring negative thoughts that I wish I wouldn’t have, I need to remember this. I need to forgive myself. And I need to move on.

I am so happy I found this clip. I hope it helps you as well.


What would I do if I knew for 100% certain that I could never improve my life?

If I knew that I would never be given the opportunity to chase my dreams, that I would never make more money than I do now, that I would never experience any more success, that my relationship would never change, that I would always live in the same house, that I would never make any more friends, and that I would always drive the same car, how would that impact me?

I suppose for anyone that finds any of those aspects utterly intolerable they may contemplate suicide. However, the impact of really placing myself within this scenario was surprising. All of these things act as temptations, luring me away from the simple experience of being within myself. These are all things requiring chasing, and built upon the assumption that I am not good enough as I am. That I am not worthy.

Worthiness is concept that I have been paying special attention to lately. For the longest time, and for reasons I don’t yet completely understand, I have been living under the presumption that I am not worthy. It is this exact feeling that prevents me from simply resting within who I am, or what I am. The more unworthy I feel, the more I get in my head trying to figure out how to become worthy.

The antidote for this feeling was almost as equally surprising. It may be mistaken for selfishness but I prefer to label it as self-attention. I simply say to myself “There is nothing more important in the entire universe than what is happening inside of me right now.” This statement gives me permission right now to focus entirely on myself even as the entire external world is demanding that I establish my worthiness first.

This seems to be in contrast to one of the great ideals of most spiritual communities, of living a life in service to others. How can I be spiritual and then say that what is happening within me is the most important thing in the entire universe? Easy, because EVERYTHING is happening within me! I can know of no other universe than my internal universe.

I believe that a life of service is noble but it must be given with complete freedom and void of any sense of resentment, not matter how minuscule. I believe that to persuade someone into a life of service before they are ready can actually do more harm than good. Either outcome of such a scenario (1. I agree to help even though I don’t want to so I feel resentment; or 2. I decline to help but now feel guilty) both cause an increase in feelings of unworthiness. And this becomes an obstacle to their own realization.

A person’s first duty in life is self-inquiry. Look deep inside yourself for as long you need until you establish a deep and lasting peace with your own existence. Let nothing external tell you what you should be doing, let no judgment control your actions, and let no expectations guide your steps. Place yourself in the highest importance and rest there.