2 thoughts on ““The Perceiving Machine itself is imagined through what is happening””

  1. Sound advice, well expressed, Graham. What to think about thinking? But yes, there is a lot to be said about using the mind to overcome the mind. That sounds a bit like a battle of will, though I see it more as a helpful extension of egoic awareness.

    If egoic awareness amounts to cognising its own self-construct, then taking it on a level we might say that this same awareness can once again fold back on itself not just to cognise its reflection, but to see the very nature of how it is reflected in and as the stream of mentation.

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    1. I like how you describe it, and as she does in the video. Due to the fact that the universe created the mind it must play an essential role in whatever is in our destiny. The temptation to dismiss it as this ‘evil ego’ just creates more problems. To unravel the true nature of mind activity almost requires a complete surrender to it.

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