2 thoughts on ““In the quest to understand your purpose, your biggest clue lies within your greatest struggle.””

  1. What does this mean? I clicked on this hoping to see more. I’ve been searching for my purpose for what seems like forever. If I take this at face value, the search itself has been my biggest struggle. The second other is my weight and nutrition . But I think it’ll be sort of a downer to have a career in that direction day in and out. Pls help!


    1. My apologies for taking so long to reply. My belief is that when we struggle with a particular aspect of life intensely and daily we learn about it at incredibly intimate level. This depth of knowledge can equip us to help others struggling from the same thing in their lives. But a specific struggle may not be the ultimate answer to what we are meant to do, but the next step in our journey. Like I said it is a clue that we must pay attention to. The search for purpose is often a symptom of knowing their must be more to life. It is born out of suffering and dissatisfaction. It may ultimately be your role in life to help others find their purpose, but it may not as well. Weight and nutrition could be your purpose as well, or it may not. Maybe it will lead you on a path towards helping people feel worthy no matter their weight, or maybe a focus on nutrition will lead you to grow your own food, or become an activist on mass farming practices. Who really knows? The best way to look at struggle is as a clue to the next step in your journey, and that’s it. Hope it helps!


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