Chuck Out Awareness

I recently found a new spiritual teacher whose teachings deeply resonate with me. Her name is Jac O’Keeffe, she’s irish, and she has a wonderful way about her. In this video below she is talking with a man who has achieved a successful practice of resting in awareness but feels there is more. Her advice is the title of this post.

I will also attach a link to her website and her awakening story below:

She is going to be in Toronto this April and I am seriously considering going to see her.

5 thoughts on “Chuck Out Awareness”

    1. I imagine the effectiveness of the wording varies greatly depending on the person. For me it was very effective. As soon as something even so pure as awareness becomes conceptual, you need to drop it. When it becomes a ‘place to go’ when ‘you’ need some calmness the true meaning is lost. Forcing my mind to look past even awareness caused my mind to stop. It ran out of moves as Mooji likes to say 🙂 Thanks for the comment!


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