Top 5 Talent Show Auditions

This may seem a little off topic for me but I truly am an audition junkie. When any of those more popular shows are in the initial audition phase, whether it is X factor, America’s got Talent, or The Voice, I become absolutely enthralled.

The best auditions are a story of overcoming obstacles, whether it is an unfortunate circumstance or self doubt and fears, and achieving recognition on a very high level. I am also quite thankful that all of these shows have a lot less emphasis on the less talented acts and now focus much more on the uplifting stories.

In each of these 5 videos you can spot the moment when people receive that ultimate validation of who they are and start to realize their greatest dreams are actually a reality right now. it doesn’t happen when and if they were to win the show, but it is in that moment that a dream is realized.

Number 5 – Christopher Maloney “The Rose”

I have never seen a more nervous contestant than Christopher Maloney. His shaking is almost uncontrollable as he enters the stage. I personally don’t know how someone with that much anxiety can actually sing. His chest must be so constricted from all of that tension. Somehow he pulls off this brilliant performance.

Number 4 – Calum Scott “Dancing on My Own”

Calum just watched his sister not make it through and then had to perform. A visibly distraught Calum pulls it together and gives an incredibly moving performance. It truly is flawless. That’s I love the audition phase better than the rest of the show. All of the contestants are performing songs they have had years to perfect. Watch and enjoy!

Number 3 – Chris Rene “Young Homie”

This was the first audition that really captured me attention. It was also the first guy that I ever saw someone perform an original song. Chris is fresh out of rehab and I can’t imagine the courage it took him to get up on that stage. The thing is that he doesn’t look that nervous at all. One of my all time favorite moments is the comment from Simon at the end.

Number 2 – Landau Eugene Murphy Junior “Under My Skin”

The most profound part of this audition is the transformation that Landau undergoes. He comes out joking around and not really taking himself seriously. At the end once he starts to realize his gift, and doesn’t have to hide behind the humor, he begins to take himself seriously. He begins to honor himself. Truly wonderful.

Number 1 – James Arthur “Young”

This audition is incredibly moving. His parents split up when he was young and they have come together just to watch this performance. The passion with which James screams for forgiveness during this performance still leaves me with tears in my eyes. I am sure that his parents are deeply impacted by that plea. It also feels like he is speaking for all of us. In a way we are all young, and we all need forgiveness.

These last two videos are honorable mentions based purely on the performance. It is so wonderful to watch these talented individuals sing.

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