Vemödalen: The Fear That Everything Has Already Been Done

First things first, watch the short video below.

How does that video make you feel?

At first glimpse it made me sad. It seems to indicate that our lives are bound to be unoriginal. That all experiences have already been experienced.

I’ll concede that to a certain extent every photo has already been taken. And every joke has already been told. Every snowflake may be different but it is still just snow.

But two people looking at the same picture, or hearing the same joke will not experience it the same way. A single event can have infinite experiences. Perhaps from this perspective it is impossible to be unoriginal. It is not our creations that define our uniqueness but rather our experiences.

Many photos in the montage certainly share the same theme but I would think that if you look deeper they will tell vastly different stories. Another perspective is that since you can only ever know how YOU experience events, it is impossible to tell if someone else has had that exact experience. Originality is thus an obsolete concept.

This video highlights that if you try to convey to others the appearance of being original, of being a trendsetter, or being unique in your creations, you will inevitably discover many who are just like you. Especially on the level of things. There is this human tendency to group things together in the belief it helps us process the world more effectively. It is through such labeling that people are robbed of their depth, especially in the eyes of others.

As most end up failing obtaining a satisfactory sense of self from others we are forced to look elsewhere for meaning. It is a journey that we all share and perhaps the single example being unoriginal.