3 thoughts on “A Brilliant Video On The Divided Brain”

  1. I actually watched the whole thing 😛 WOW! This explains so much and explains why I’m so “different” lol. I’ve always been more right than left and this creates so much conflict in a world that exists on the left! Balance is so important.


    1. I’m glad you liked it. I found it so interesting about how the left is so good at getting our attention and making it’s perspective seem more important. It makes being present, and being spiritual all the more challenging. But awareness is always the first step!


  2. Reblogged this on As I see it and commented:
    This is about 11 minutes long but even with ADHD I was able to watch the whole thing. It’s fascinating and explains so well “why” I’m so “different.” I’ve always been more on the right and in a world mostly on the left, this has created so much inner conflict! Thankfully I’m coming to a place where I am open to “see” both sides and not immediately jump to one side or the other.


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