4 thoughts on “Why Can’t the Worlds Greatest Minds Solve the Mystery of Consciousness?”

  1. I’ll be honest, my ADHD kicked in and I scanned most of it but it is an interesting topic. What I did, the first thought that came to mind was our consciousness is the spark that animates us, our essence, our soul. I think that’s what leaves us a “de-animates” us when we die. The “spark” is gone. Our consciousness is what makes us individual and unique. I think if consciousness was just a “formula” of human physics, we’d all “be” the same if that makes sense. So it must be something more — even if it is a formula it has so many different ingredients put into it I don’t think it could be exactly replicated from one person to another — say for instance with cloning. I’ve often thought that even if a famous person like Elvis or Princess Diana were cloned, they wouldn’t be the same as the original. I don’t think the EXACT life influences Elvis and Diana lived could be replicated. Now we head into science fiction with “downloads” of ourselves into surrogates. That would probably be the only way to transfer consciousness in my opinion.


    1. Yeah, I think it’s about 1000 words too long for our modern day attention spans. Sometimes I think of consciousness as the emptiness into which all forms manifest. And if it is complete emptiness there is nothing to find when trying to solve this mystery. I think of life as the force that animates us. The universe has the desire to become self aware and it is accomplishing this by creating life in the field of consciousness.

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