4 thoughts on “A Successful Life is Not a Long Life, it is a Life That Brings You Joy RIGHT NOW!”

    1. Hi Hariod. I just find that so many people are obsessed with figuring out how to live as long as possible. They are acutely aware of every possible threat and become incredibly anxious because of it. So it becomes this odd game of trying to live longer so that you can spend more time being anxious. I believe we first need to live well by living in the now, and then length is secondary.


      1. Yes, I think that is all quite true Graham. In pondering your response I wondered whether this is more of a North American issue than one of my native England. I say this because here, medical care is not commercialised and commoditised; we don’t buy it or pay to receive different levels of it; if something is wrong it gets fixed out of the taxpayer pool of funds. I have a friend who lives in Canada and who regularly has all manner of tests just to see if something is wrong, and he seems to be encouraged to do so by his doctor who then makes a claim against the insurers. The whole results in what appears to be this constant low-level anxiety to which you refer; there’s an over-weaning concern that there may be an issue and life shortened as a result. I often think he would live more happily if he simply got on with his life and dealt with medical conditions only if and when they became actualities.


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