5 thoughts on “We Are Wired To Be Kind”

  1. Many thanks for pointing up this tremendous little video Graham. The subject is one that fascinates me because it’s so evident yet contrary to reason that kindness and generosity are stronger amongst the less wealthy. There was a story here in England just a few weeks ago about a beggar in the street offering a young student girl his last £3 because she had lost her purse and couldn’t get home. She declined the offer, and the next day went back to see if she could identify this homeless man. Once she had, she set up a Facebook campaign on his behalf and eventually raised in excess of £30k to house him and other homeless people.



    1. That’s a great story. The other odd thing about giving is that the giver usually feels as good, or better, than the receiver. In another one of Gautam’s videos, which I can’t recall exactly, he mentions that in the act of giving and receiving only the receiving is real. Since you can only give what was truly yours, and everything we have was given to us in some manner. Or something like that lol!


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