A Fork In The Road

I feel like I am at a fork in the road.

The road on the left leads to the realization of all of my dreams. It is the complete synchronization of mind, body and spirit. It is total freedom and total peace. It is full of excitement and love and all things new and wondrous.

The road on the right leads to submission. A withdrawing from any attempt at change. A resignation to my current fate. A commitment to walk over and over on the same path, knowing where it will go. Knowing where it will end.

The entrance in front of the road on the left is full of flashing red lights, warning signs, detour road blocks, and it is unpaved and unworn. It is uphill and rocky. I can hear wild animals howling and night is falling.

On the right side I see a well-travelled road. It is paved and full of service stations. There are signs saying exactly how far to every destination. There are many drivers on this road and there are strict rules about how you are to allowed to drive. And the roads always lead to the same place. The journey is familiar, predictable and safe.

Where should I go? Where would you go?