Social Media and Ambient Intimacy

I have often wondered if the time I spend blogging, or on other social media, is actually enhancing my life and ability to connect with others or is it having a negative effect by reducing the amount of time I would spend actually meeting new people face to face. Jason Silva explores this in the short clip below.

It is not the theory that matters, but the way it is being tested

An excerpt from I Am That:

Questioner: There are so many theories about the nature of man and universe. The creation theory, the illusion theory, the dream theory — any number of them. Which is true?

Maharaj: All are true, all are false. You can pick up whichever you like best.

Q:   You seem to favour the dream theory.

M:  These are all ways of putting words together. Some favour one way, some favour another. Theories are neither right nor wrong. They are attempts at explaining the inexplicable. It is not the theory that matters, but the way it is being tested. It is the testing of the theory that makes it fruitful. Experiment with any theory you like — if you are truly earnest and honest, the attainment of reality will be yours. As a living being you are caught in an untenable and painful situation and you are seeking a way out. You are being offered several plans of your prison, none quite true. But they all are of some value, only if you are in dead earnest. It is the earnestness that liberates and not the theory