The End of All Fear

Is it possible that I have always known deep down in my heart that the real me will never die?

It’s a curious question that lifts my mood upon thinking it. There is quite an obvious intangible feeling to being alive. But without a ready explanation we instead attach our fate to our bodies.

But that force that animates us, how could it be subject to harm? It’s that place within, it’s like a room without walls, where all things pass through but never stay. How do you harm a room?

If I take a memory from decades ago and then contrast it against my most recent memory, what is it between the two that hasn’t changed? I can sense that there was something then and now which has remained untouched by time.

The speed at which the ego infuses us with the fear of death is the biggest clue that it has something to hide. Something so threatening to it’s very existence it must force our attention elsewhere so the best kept secret in the history of humanity is never revealed.

There are absolutely countless phobias in the modern psychologists handbook, and I am sure most, if not all, can be traced back to a fear of death. The ego has masterfully exploited this fear into a most complex web of anxieties.

But perhaps the answer to all of that which plagues ourselves, our planet, and the key to the end of all fear is this simple obvious realization:

The real me can never die.

Hope for the Future – KidSpirit Online

I heard about this online magazine in one of the spiritual publications I was reading and I would like to pass it along. It is called KidSpirit Online It is a magazine that addresses all of the spiritual topics that you can imagine, but the kicker is that all of its content is created by 11-17 year old kids! I can barely remember what I was doing at that age but I surely wasn’t thinking too much about the meaning of life. Please take some time to go through the current issue and be inspired by the youth of today!

Spiritual Entertainment – Eckhart Tolle Retreat Day 4

Please check out Miriam’s daily posts about her current retreat with Eckhart Tolle. Oh, and please don’t miss her link to the ‘Sickest Buddhist’ video on her day 4 summary. Too funny!

Sun Coaching

entertainmentTonight Eckhart will treat us to Spiritual Entertainment :-). He is clearly looking forward to the evening by the look on his face when he announces this special night.

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Origin of Consciousness, The Seer and manifestation of seen objects. Powerful words by Mooji.

This is an excellent video of Mooji giving one of his most lucid teachings.

Quantum Leap Journey

momomomooAs I was listening to random youtube talks by Mooji on different subjects lately, I stumbled upon this short,  video, where Mooji is giving an answer to the question of “What is and where is the origin of Consciousness?”. This seemingly “one of many”, and roughly 5 minute long video carries with itself surprisingly huge potential to unlock Higher Perspective, Higher Consciousness, Higher Understanding of “how things are” and “who you are”, Higher Understanding of Manifestations and good old Laws of Attractions, that we kept hearing about more and more after big success of the book “The secret”. Yet, I must admit, that I have never heard words on the subject selected so well and matching all the synesthetic vibrations and colours of the Truth. The Truth that seems true to the core for me and me only. I don’t make claims my truth is your truth as well. You will…

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