The Forgotten Sense

Whenever you talk of the sixth sense in popular culture it is assumed you are talking of something other worldly. Of someone having a skill like reading minds, seeing ghosts, or predicting the future. It is wonderful fodder for the imagination.

In the limited research I have done on the topic I came across this article on how humans have many more than just the five accepted senses of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. It talks about senses like itch, pain, pressure and balance among many others.

However, even in this incredibly detailed article, I find that there is a very obvious sense that no one ever really talks about. It is because it would shake the foundation upon which many of our lives are built.

It is the sense that you are having a thought.

You know when you are having a thought. You know what the thought is about. You know the words the thought is using. You know the colors, sounds and feelings created by the thought. You even know the impact the thought has on the entire body. You can perceive each and every thought in amazingly great detail.

Upon closer examination of the accepted five senses, as well as all of those included in the article, you will come to realize that they are all in fact, types of thought.

Ok, you say, what’s the big deal? My foundation remains unshaken.

Well there are two very important implications of this:

  1. If I can perceive my thoughts, then I am not my thoughts.
  2. If everything is a thought, what the heck is left when I am not thinking?

This may cause you to question the very essence of who you are. Without thought, or content, it becomes impossible to describe yourself. Even though you are sure you exist you can not make it into something you can hold on to. You can not describe yourself to someone else. You just are.


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