The Scales Of Humanity

I have a theory that in order to be at peace with yourself you must make peace with the entire human experience. This includes the whole spectrum. Every good samaritan and corrupt leader, every violent act and healing hand, every unwanted thought and each brilliant idea, a miraculous birth or a painful death. You must make peace with everything, no matter how horrific, because such potential exists within each of us.

We are subject to corruption, superficiality, hatred, anger just because we belong to the human race. It is the risk of being alive. But fortunately we are also capable of amazing acts of love, compassion, caring, and sacrifice. It is Love vs Hate. That the scales of humanity tilt one way or the other is the primary determining factor in our destiny.

I really find the analogy of the scale useful as it helps demonstrate one of my key beliefs. Any attention directed towards hate, whether you are directly supporting a hateful idea or you are opposing a hateful idea (i.e. hating the hate) you are tilting the scales in the direction of hatred. I try to apply this idea when listening to the news and I hear a story relating to this eternal struggle. It’s not always easy.

For instance, with the winter Olympics in Sochi approaching the Russian law that makes homosexuality a crime is getting a lot of airtime. It is a despicable law based entirely on unsubstantiated fear and of course, hatred. Many discussions on this topic center around what is the best way to protest this law. I worry that while intense resistance of this ridiculous law is warranted, it will only slow the pace of change. Eckhart Tolle stated it best when he said “Whatever you fight you strengthen, and whatever you resist, persists.”. I think strong opposition to an idea, no matter how warranted, often causes the opposed to dig their heels in.

So how could you tilt the scales from such hatred towards love? What about a gay couple just being a loving gay couple. Regardless of being in the spotlight or not. If you are in a major televised event and you win, or come second, or lose, simply showing the loving support that is commonplace in many relationships would help lay the foundation for change. I realize this is not the accepted approach in our current world and people often want to make a big splash. But often when you make a big splash it’s because you hit a big wall. Of course safety is always a major concern and I have no idea how Russian authorities plan to react to gay athletes interacting like normal couples. This is where your country’s support would be vital.

This approach also requires a certain amount of sympathy towards the offenders. That we are all equal forms of life trying to navigate our way as members of humanity in all of it’s flaws. It requires the recognition that simply by being human we are also capable of such hatred if only our environment and genetics were changed slightly. But most importantly it is the knowledge that the power of love exists in all of us. Keep adding more to the scales and eventually, once a certain threshold is reached, the scales will permanently tilt towards it.

5 thoughts on “The Scales Of Humanity”

  1. Interesting. I think you are on to something. And-

    What could a gay couple in the US do? Perhaps they reduce coca-cola consumption, because Coke subsidises the Winter Olympics. Perhaps they talk about that on facebook.

    I came here from the WordPress reader, the homosexuality tag, which is usually anti-gay people expressing their views, arguing the Bible, speaking out for the Duck Dynasty bloke, whatever, and this morning they are all pro-tolerance for the first time I have noticed it.

    Saying what you are for, rather than what you are against, may be part of it.


    1. Thanks for your comment! I am pleased to hear that tolerance is making some noticeable headway in this area. I believe that promoting what you believe in rather than opposing what you don’t can go a long way and you actually might find a lot more common ground that way.


    2. Hi Clare,

      It was interesting to read your comments about the tilt to pro-tolerance. In my bible study group – mostly elderly, with three younger women (I’m 55) – the majority of us are gay inclusive. When the gay marriage law was passed here in NZ it provoked a conversation. One person was upset, most were highly enthusiastic and two spoke of the challenges of growing up learning that homosexuality was ‘abhorrent to God’ and then having to face the reality that a family member they loved was gay. Both these women talked about how they worked through the challenges, both internal & external; it was very moving. Because there was space in the group for multiple perspectives there was no judgement for any position and it culminated in the one person who was resistant saying that she had not considered the implications (I think she lived a pretty protected life) and would now give the issue some real thought. Saying what you are for is definitely a large part; for Christians it’s also remembering “ thy neighbour as thyself.” I do feel excited by the way things are going – evolution is moving us towards a larger, more inclusive worldview.


  2. There is such wisdom in your words. Only in moving towards that which we fear can we really ever achieve communion. It doesn’t have to be on international television – it may be something we practise in our own relationships or in our communities. Addressing our own fear of ‘other’, whatever/whoever that is acts like a homeopathic drop in the ocean of the Absolute. Each drop brings us closer to healing.


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